Kadie Schmidt-Hackenberg, *1968 in Ludwigsburg, Germany

1990-91        Independent University of Arts, Stuttgart 

1991-98:       Degree in Fashion Design and Arts at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts

               graduated 1998. I passed with the highest grade  1,0.    

2000-01:       Multimedia Design Course, Cimdata Berlin

Since 2002:    Working as a freelance artist and illustrator

Since 2005:    Several teaching assignments for drawing/Photoshop at Hanover University of

               Applied Sciences and Arts



Artist in Residence/Workshops:

2013 The Old School in Hrisey, Artist in Residence - Island

2013 Cill Railiag Artist Residency - Ireland

2010 Artist in Residence, University of Arts Nagoya - Japan

2010 Villa Cipriani, Balbano Lucca, Georg Klusemann Society - Italy 

2009 international workshop „Drawing“, Arts Society ArsTerra, Hanover - Germany

Works in Collections:

2018  International Gallery of Portrait, Tuzla, (Bosna Hercegovina) 

2017  Fahlbusch Industrieberatung, (Ausstattung: Neubau), Hanover (Germany)

2011  Bau und Sparverein, Hanover (Germany)

2010/2012  Fahlbusch Industrieberatung, Hanover (Germany)

2010  University of Nagoya (Japan)


Exhibitions (G = group exhibition, S = solo exhibition, D = double exhibition  M = Mailart) 

2022      Postcardshow, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK (G)

2021      Gallery Yuyama, Echigo-Tsumari Art Field, Tokamachi-city, Niigata, Japan (M) 

          Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK (G)


          EAN group for international artistic cooperation, Alexandria, Egypt. (G-online)

2020      "ON POINT", Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK (G-online)

2018      Galerie Petersburger Art, "100 für 100",Cologne, Germany (G)

          17 INTERBIFEP, Centar za kulturu Tuzla, Tuzla, Bosna Hercegovina (G)

          FCA Gallery, »AIMAE-Exhibition 2018«, Federation of Canadian Artist, Vancouver, Canada (G)

          Galerie Petersburger Art, "Artich", Cologne, Germany (G)

          Postcardshow, Surface Gallery, Nottingham (G)


2017      Galerie Petersburger Art, "Strichstärke",Cologne, Germany (G)

          FCA Gallery, »AIMAE-Exhibition 2017«, Federation of Canadian Artist, Vancouver, Canada

          Galerie Petersburger Art, "FAKE",Cologne, Germany (G) 

          E Carta! Part 2, »Mini Art Contemporanee«, Spazio Mantegna Milano, Italy (G)



2016      E Carta! Part 1, »Mini Art Contemporanee«, Torrione del Centro C., Milano, Italy (G)

          Galerie Petersburger Art, »Spielfrei«, Cologne, Germany (G)

          FCA Gallery, »AIMAE-Exhibition 2016«, Federation of Canadian Artist, Vancouver, Canada

          Köln Süd-Rundgang bei Grevy, Cologne, Germany (G)

          Karuizawa New Art Museum, Nagano, Japan (M)

          Galerie Petersburger Art, »April, April«, Cologne, Germany (G)

          Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK (G)



2015      Galerie Petersburger Art »Zackzack in den Sack« Cologne, Germany (G)

          Grevy, Grevy-Showroom, Cologne, Germany (G)

          Atelier Alex, Alexandria, Egypt (M)

          »25 Jahre Künstlerhaus am Acker« , Berlin, Germany (G)

          Art Pl+s, »Awareness Exhibition«, Strasbourg, »Central Station«, France, (G)

          Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy, »Pink Room« (G)

          NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY 11220, USA  (Benefit-Group-Show)
          Narrenkastl, Frohnleiten, Österreich (Artproject)   

          Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy (G)  

          Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK (G) 

          „Twisted“, Noarlunga Art Gallery, Victor Harbor, Australia (M)

          Artlink Postcard Art, Auer Center for Arts and Culture, USA  (M) 


2014      Gallery Haufe-Konzept, Cologne (G)

          Atelier Alex, Alexandria, Egypt (G)

          Iltempolastoria, Roma, Italy (G)

          Rochester Contemporary Art Center 6x6x2013), Rochester NY (G)     

          Points 2, Goethe-Institut Alexandria, Egypt (G)

          Shuffle-Show 2, Institut für alles Mögliche, Berlin (G) 

          Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK(G)


2013      Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago, IL USA (G)
         The Brick Lane Gallery - The Annexe, London (G)

          Rochester Contemporary Art Center 6x6x2013), Rochester NY (G)

          Ground.Arts, New York (G) NY

          Gallery zehnzahmeziegen, Cologne(G), Berlin (G)

          Shuffle-Show, Institut für alles Mögliche, Berlin (G)            

          Papergirl Belfast und Papergirl Leeds

          Ausstellungshalle "Alte Feuerwache", Cologne(G)

          Surface Gallery, Nottingham (G)

          Nancy Vicor Gallery, London (G)


2012      Brick Lane Gallery, London (G)

          Gallery en passant, Berlin, (S)


2011      Gallery en passant, Berlin (G)

          Kunstverein Schöningen (D)

          Gallery en passant, Berlin

          Artclub-Gallery, Cologne, (S)

          Galeria Galateca, Bucharest Rumania(G)

          Artclub-Gallery, Cologne, (G)


2010      Gallery en passant, Berlin (G)

          Gallery Haufe-Konzept, Cologne (D)

          Art Fair Hanse Art 10 , Bremen

          Gallery BE, Nagoya City, Japan (G)

          Art Fair CAR Essen

          FKT-Freies Kunst-Territorium Bochum, im Rahmen Kulturhauptstadt 2010 (G)

          Gallery en passant, Berlin (S)

          Gallery Haufe-Konzept, Cologne (S)

          Kulturbüro altes Rathhaus, Stadt Wuerselen (S)

          Gallery APA, Nagoya City, Japan (G)

          Artclub-Gallery, Cologne, (G)


2009      Gallery Haufe-Konzept, Cologne (G)

          Artclub-Gallery „Anniversary Exhibition“ (G)

          Gallery „Raum für Kunst“, Paderborn (G)

          Artclub-Gallery, Cologne, (S)

          Kunst-Konzertevent mit dem Ensemble Prolatio und H.K. Raecke, Sarstedt (D)


2008      Gallery Haufe-Konzept, Cologne (G)

          Gallery „Kunst-am-angegebenen-Ort, Paderborn (E)

          Gallery Haufe-Konzept, Cologne (S)

          „little showroom“ Hanover (E)

          Blaues Haus, Cologne (E)

          2007 Dogs Fine Art Gallery, Duesseldorf (G)

          Gallery „das Weltkabarett“, Dusseldorf (G)


2005      „T-Shirt and Art“ University of Arts and Design, Oldenburg, (G)

          Kunstverein Ingan, Berlin (G)

          Gallery Pequena, Frankfurt (G)

          Gustav-Werner-Stiftung, Reutlingen (E)


2001      Meinwerk Institut, Paderborn (E)

          Gallery „alte Kanzlei“, Albstadt-Ebingen (E)


1999      Gallery „alte Kanzlei“, Albstadt-Ebingen (E)

          Gallery der Kifas, Kassel