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Kadie Schmidt-Hackenberg, *1968

I understand myself as an artist repeatedly pushing the limits of “drawing” as a medium.


Sometimes patterns and forms result, but it’s mostly figures and mixtures of texts and images that can be understood as short stories. Many of my works appear quite humorous at first, but upon closer inspection they also reveal a certain melancholic undercurrent. Humour allows me to package otherwise sad content readily. 


Though I’ve been returning to certain groups of works such as my cityscapes for years, I basically work intuitively and experimentally. It’s important for me to keep the creative process open for as long as possible and not try to apply prescriptive, pre-conceived brakes. 


I draw mainly with ink and felt pens on paper and cardboard. Often I add texts to these drawings or put them together to create collages, sometimes with the computer, sometimes old-school with glue or the sewing machine. Digital and analogue are just as comfortable for me, the computer’s simply an extension of almost endless possibilities. 

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